about us

Achieve complex technology solutions through innovation and commitment to excellence.

Founded in 2009

MSRC has a unique purpose that sets us apart from most other defense service providers.

We provide the infrastructure and stability required to facilitate and catalyze the relationship between our customers and our extremely talented workforce. 

This company is a place where employees are valued. What makes us different is how our fiscal responsibility is used to offer generous compensation and an unparalleled benefits package. We provide growth opportunities and reward exceptional performers!

Our management philosophy is to hire self-disciplined top talent, surround them with the resources and tools they need, and empower them to innovate. We are committed to continuing professional development and providing challenging work to further the advancement of the subject matter expert as well as the novice individual.

rock solid foundation

Our headquarters are located in Huntsville, Alabama. We have no external investors and our owners are passionately involved in the company with long-term plans for the company’s growth and sustainment. MSRC has no outside debt and is here to stay. We are truly Rock Solid!

our 3 rings of support

  • Requirements, Capability Development and Integration.
  • Acquisition Support.
  • Program Planning and Budget
Inc 5000 Rankings

No. 4,211 (2022) No. 3,527 (2021) 97% 3-Year Growth, No. 4,397 (2020), No. 3,338 (2018), No. 1,326 (2017), No. 509 (2016), No. 1,012 (2015)

Best Places to Work Contender

MSRC was a 2021 winner, a contender in 2020, winner in 2019, and currently a 2022 contender

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What our employees say

MSRC Culture

MSRC hosts regular events for employees to promote comradery and relationship building. This allows teams to collaborate across departments and truly facilitates a “family” style culture.