Flight Motion Simulation

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Nationally and internationally renowned Flight Motion Simulator experts with extensive experience in design, specification, site preparation, purchasing, assembly, installation, checkout, operation, and maintenance.

A Core Competency

MSRC provides nationally and internationally renowned Flight Motion Simulator experts. We specialize in the design, specification, site preparation, fabrication, purchasing, assembly, installation, checkout, operation, and maintenance of precision flight motion simulators. Development, design, assembly, installation, and integration of precision flight motion simulators requires a diverse range of technical and engineering capabilities. Our in-house expertise combines the fundamentals of system engineering, automatic control systems, innovative algorithm development, mechanical and electrical engineering, and hydraulic know-how with a deep understanding of industry-specific application knowledge. Our customer-focused approach is designed to ensure the establishment and sustainment of mutual trust and success.

Hardware-In-The-Loop (HWIL)

The use of HWIL flight motion simulators during development programs can help reduce time and cost by minimizing the number of field trials required. The MSRC portfolio of capabilities for developing, installing, operating and maintaining HWIL solutions includes flight motion simulators with up to five axes. This provides target simulation in two axes, plus three-degrees-of-freedom (3-DOF) flight motion simulation for the unit under test.

Inertial Navigation Systems

The defense market's requirement for inertial sensors, and the associated motion simulators, continues to grow with a diverse range of applications. Armed forces continue to demand higher performance from Inertial Navigation Systems but also need lower-cost sensors suitable for precision munitions. Development, testing, calibration, and servicing of such systems can be accomplished by using motions simulators to realistically simulate motions in up to three axes simultaneously. Within the maritime industry there is an increased demand for dynamic positioning, navigation and automation for merchant ships, offshore installations and underwater remotely operated vehicles. Motion Simulators enable maritime engineers to meet this demand by simulating roll, pitch, yaw and heave motion during the development and production of marine inertial sensors.

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