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MSRC provides a total system approach for missile technology development. This includes concept definition and evaluation, modeling and simulation, engineering background studies, Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessments, preliminary design, simulation analysis, sub-system hardware development and testing, ground and flight test planning, test range support, data analysis, and flight test data evaluation and reduction.

Modeling and Simulation

MSRC provides subject matter expertise to its customers in the modeling and simulation of complex weapon systems. As one of our core competencies, we provide full spectrum system simulation development, maintenance, and execution. MSRC provides the necessary tools and personnel to meet customer needs from early concept studies to detailed performance analysis using high-fidelity integrated flight simulations.

Concept Level Studies

MSRC can rapidly develop simulations of appropriate fidelity that can be used to model the required system aspects to conduct up-front concept level studies and establish system capabilities using existing tool sets. This includes the capability to develop unique detailed target motion models, develop system specific sensor models, create the required propulsion and control system models, and develop and integrate autopilot and guidance algorithms required to control each design. Airframe and propulsion design modifications can be tested in the simulation to determine the changes needed to complete system requirements. 

Concept Fidelity Simulations and Analysis

High-fidelity simulation can be used to conduct analyses, design refinement and performance estimation. As programs mature, MSRC provides the necessary high-fidelity simulations. We develop Integrated Flight Simulations (IFS) by integrating flight software with the simulation to predict true system performance and determine if requirements are being achieved. High-fidelity simulations can be executed across thousands of processors using large-scale computer clusters providing the ability to evaluate in-depth and complex trade studies.

MSRC has expertise in the use of simulations to conduct pre-flight analysis, post-flight analysis, range safety, and other complex analysis. Using scene generation, we can model environmental effects with target databases to test the accuracy of the system sensors. Using the high-fidelity IFS, we can determine system flaws and provide upgrades to improve system performance.  As simulation experts, MSRC has the capability to create and execute simulation verification and validation plans for developed programs.

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