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MSRC employees are Industry-Leading Propulsion System experts with extensive experience in solid rocket motor design, analysis, manufacturing, integration and test. We provide a total system approach for weapon technology development including:

• Concept definition and evaluation

• Engineering background studies

• Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessments

• Preliminary design

• Simulation analysis

• Sub-system hardware development and testing

• Ground and flight test planning

• Test range support

• Data Analysis

• Flight test data evaluation and reduction


MSRC utilizes SolidWorks 3D CAD to develop real-world motor designs, including interface control with automated tolerance stack-up verification, as well as component-level and assembly-level material specific mass and inertia properties for incorporation into system-level flight simulations.


MSRC utilizes SolidWorks Simulation and ANSYS Mechanical to perform finite element analysis-based thermal, structural, vibration, frequency, fatigue, and (linear and non-linear) stress analysis of motor designs. MSRC utilizes the JANNAF standard Solid Performance Program 2012 (SPP’12) to conduct detailed motor ballistic performance analysis. SPP’12 provides for the modeling of ignition transients and the precision modeling of single or dual propellant motor concepts, including the application of inhibited surfaces to achieve targeted chamber pressure and/or thrust profiles. SPP’12 provides both a two-dimensional method of characteristics solution with fully coupled two-phase flow losses and a parabolized navier-stokes solution with fully coupled finite rate kinetics, turbulence models and coupled two-phase flow, as well as a navier-stokes chamber and transonic flow field solution with fully coupled finite rate kinetics and two-phase flow model. SPP’12 analysis accounts for nozzle losses, including two-phase flow, divergence, boundary layer and chemical kinetics.

Integration &Test

MSRC provides both motor static-fire and tip-to-tail missile-system flight test support, including:

• Development of detailed test plans and procedures

• Coordination of test area/test range requirements and activities

• Execution of component

• Sub-assembly and assembly-level integration and checkout activities

• Conducting test readiness reviews

• Static and/or flight-test execution/support

• Development and delivery of flash reports

• Performance of in-depth data analysis

• Development and delivery of test reports.

Conceptual Motor Sizing & Performance Predictions

MSRC’s MATLAB-based Solid Rocket Motor Sizing Tool delivers outstanding first-order ballistics performance and mass properties results in a matter of hours, not weeks. The Tool features an extensive metallic properties database developed from MIL-HDBK-5/MMPDS-01 and an extensive propellant properties database developed from the Johns Hopkins Chemical Propulsion Information Analysis Center (CPIAC) online database.

Industry Standard Design & Analysis Tools

MSRC’s utilization of industry standard design and analysis tools ensures trouble-free data exchange between MSRC and its customers and teammates. MSRC tailors the selection and utilization of available analytical toolsets to achieve and exceed customer contract requirements without burdening programs with unneeded software related costs.

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