Systems Engineering and Technology Assessment

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MSRC provides a total system approach for weapon technology development. This includes:


• Concept definition and evaluation

• Engineering background studies

• Technology Readiness Level (TRL) assessments

• Preliminary design

• Simulation analysis

• Sub-system hardware development and testing

• Ground and flight test planning

• Test range support and data analysis

• Flight test data evaluation and reduction

Advanced Concept Definition and Development

MSRC provides engineering depth and experience to analyze all aspects of weapon technology options and bridge the gaps between technology areas while working closely with Government and Industry experts.  User capability gaps and operational requirements are used to develop concept-level designs. These concept-level designs are then used in the initial stages of system design and development to aid in program planning/roadmap development and help identify areas and technologies for continued study.

Technology Assessments/Evaluation

MSRC has the experience and expertise to conduct multi-discipline analyses in a wide range of areas to include:

• Modeling and Simulation

• Propulsion

• Aerodynamics

• Seeker and Sensor Systems

• Guidance

• Navigation and Control

• Warheads and Lethality

The company knowledge base allows problems to be approached in advanced and innovative ways.

MSRC has broad experience, tools, and core capability to support weapon system Science and Technology (S&T) development efforts. Our approach results in a better defined and focused trade space, system concept-level designs that meet study/analysis requirements, the identification of potential technology areas for continued development and study, and system and sub-system specifications that may be used by functional area subject matter expert groups to initiate design studies.  Products of system engineering and assessment studies provide a basis for follow-on design and refinement studies (AoA’s, etc.), and supports program decision making.

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