Monte Sano Research Corporation (MSRC) specializes in providing full-spectrum defense system engineering, research, design, development, integration, test, evaluation and planning services to the U.S. Government. Our dominant core capability centers on real-time Hardware-in-the-Loop engineering. MSRC expertise spans Flight Motion Simulators (design, installation, and maintenance), Modeling and Simulation (end-to-end, sensors, guidance and control), and Program Management. In addition to defense system engineering, MSRC has the experience of managing and delivering turn-key test facility installations. MSRC designs and develops complete test facility components including target simulators for Semi-Active Laser and Radio Frequency Compact Ranges. MSRC develops custom equipment for weapon system launcher and fire control integration and testing. MSRC has extensive expertise in supporting the U.S. Department of Defense in the areas of Cost Estimating, Earned Value Management, Project Scheduling, Finance & Budget Control, and Program Management.


MSRC is proactive in strategic planning and developing customer relationships. Our business horizon is long term. The MSRC embedded team approach is readily responsive to customer goals. Our focus is service oriented as opposed to product sales. MSRC relationships with teammates, vendors, and competitors serve to ensure exceptional performance.

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