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What We Do

Monte Sano Research TECHNICAL Support

Monte Sano Research bridges the ‘valley of death’. A significant number of Army R&D efforts may not ultimately transition to a system. Monte Sano Research has a unique history in bridging missile CONCEPTS through science & technology, engineering, research & development, prototyping, demonstration, and testing, all the way to programs of record. Our engineers and scientists QUANTIFY proposed capabilities, DEMONSTRATE these in simulation and component testing and DELIVER a complete, credible capability. If you’ve seen or heard of an Army missile system, Monte Sano Research employees likely conceived of it, designed it, simulated it, tested it, and prototyped it! Monte Sano Research provides complete end-to-end missile system design, simulation, and prototyping from sensors, seekers, GNC, warheads, rocket propulsion, fire control, launchers and ground support equipment.

Monte Sano Research PROGRAMMATIC Support

Monte Sano Research supports programmatic customers by developing integrated schedules, funding profiles, risk assessments and production/quality/RAM analyses in support of Army decision makers.

Systems Engineering
Flight Motion Simulation
Modeling and Simulation
Advanced technology
guidance, nav, & control
program support

Technology and Concept Demonstration


Monte Sano Research Corporation (MSRC) develops subject matter experts by providing challenging and rewarding work. We are seeking employees with initiative who desire to advance their careers in an organization where they can make an impact and grow with us. We provide competitive salaries as well as a generous benefits package.