Monte Sano Research generates Guidance, Navigation and Control (GNC) support to our customers to assist them in the development of new flight technologies. This service is at the center of many missile development programs at AvMC. The design of an effective autopilot/guidance control system is crucial to the success of a flight program. Our engineers are on-site with the government customer assisting the design from concept to flight test.

system design

Monte Sano Research directly engages with our customers in the design process from simulation development to autopilot and guidance development. The type of autopilot design is dependent on the ultimate goal of the system. Desired operating requirements of the system may require altitude-hold, control of flight-path angle impact or control of lateral acceleration. Use of Matlab, Python and other tools are utilized to aid in the design process and reveal system performance. Monte-Carlo capabilities are developed within 6-dof simulations in order to stress the system and point to stability weakness and performance vulnerabilities. This process allows the development of a system that is optimal in terms of transient and steady-state response.


Monte Sano Research also provides expertise in Navigation technologies to the customer. These include: Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) modeling along with Alan Variance analysis, GPS Satellite Constellation modeling as well as navigation algorithms with enhanced Kalman Filtering allowing “blended” navigation solutions. These technologies allow missile systems to fly further and more accurately than a purely inertial system.

Monte Sano Research offers support in these areas from concept to flight test. Engineers on the GNC team typically are involved in each step of the design and development process including attending flight tests. From pre-flight analysis to Monte-Carlo system performance to post-flight analysis, Monte Sano Research is in a unique, technically challenging and rewarding position to help the warfighter with advanced GNC weapon systems.