advanced technology

Monte Sano Research’s Advanced Technologies Division (ATD) generates engineering, fabrication, and integration and test support to our customers to assist them in their advanced technology development. Monte Sano Research personnel work directly with our customers within the U.S. Army Aviation & Missile Research Development and Engineering Center (AMRDEC) as they rely on our expertise to ensure the success of their weapons programs.

Monte Sano Research provides systems engineering, electronics and embedded system engineering, and software engineering services to our customers. Systems engineering activities include requirements management and system development. Monte Sano Research identifies, analyzes, documents, and reviews requirements for system performance specifications and interface control documents (ICDs). Monte Sano Research develops, updates, and maintains formal requirement verification test plans, procedures, and processes. Requirements documents are updated and maintained by creating, reviewing, and submitting Interface Change Notices (ICNs) using established Configuration Management (CM) processes. Monte Sano Research supports system development by reviewing and analyzing electrical, software, and firmware subsystem designs, and by reviewing system and subsystem documentation including program plans, schedules, safety analyses and reports, test plans and reports, reliability reports, and obsolescence analyses.

Engineering Services

Monte Sano Research designs and develops custom electronics and embedded software systems as part of and in support of our customers’ weapons programs. Our design process begins with requirements and concept development, continuing through detailed design and fabrication, and finishing with testing and deployment. Designs are continuously supported through maintenance and upgrades.

Monte Sano Research offers software engineering services in support of our customers’ weapons programs. Software products developed to act as controllers of test systems including platform emulators to mimic the interfaces and communication with launchers and weapons from weapons platforms such as Apache.

Technology Demonstration

Monte Sano Research manages and executes technology demonstration programs for the U.S. Army which show the feasibility of new technology applications and drive the direction of future weapon development programs.

Chaos-based Radar and Communication Systems

Monte Sano Research designs, develops, and tests radar and communication systems based upon solvable chaotic oscillator technology. Monte Sano Research is working toward incorporating this technology into future systems to enhance capabilities and reduce Size, Weight, Power, and Cost (SWAP-C) as well as capitalizing on features which increase scalability of these systems.

Fabrication and Integration

Monte Sano Research fabricates and assembles prototypes of flight hardware subsystems, test equipment, and interfaces in support of weapons and test programs.

Integration and Test

Monte Sano Research supports the integration of the Joint Attack Munition Systems (JAMS) family of launchers, along with the Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM) and HELLFIRE family of missiles, onto the various Rotary Wing (RW) and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) military platforms. Monte Sano Research performs software qualification and regression testing of JAMS launchers, JAGM guidance sections, and HELLFIRE missile variants. Monte Sano Research has designed the custom test stations and software and is responsible for overseeing and executing all test activities within the DEVCOM Weapons Integration Laboratory. Monte Sano Research develops launch procedures and conducts all JAGM ground launches at various test ranges. Monte Sano Research designed and developed the ground launch system for the JAGM missile.

Telemetry Systems

Monte Sano Research designs, develops, and tests custom telemetry systems for missiles and other flight systems. Telemetry systems are designed to collect all data to meet the test objectives and to withstand the high dynamic environment of missile and rocket launch. RF link analysis is performed to determine test configuration requirements. Test flights are supported by ground station setup, operation, data collection and reduction.