Monte Sano Research’s Technology and Concept Demonstration Division provides design, engineering, fabrication, integration, purchasing, scheduling and test support for our customers to assist them in concept technology development and demonstrations of that new technology to drive the direction of future weapon development programs. Monte Sano Research personnel work directly with our customers within the U.S. Government, as they rely on our expertise to ensure the success of concept development and demonstrations. Monte Sano Research has tremendous experience in system engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, system integration, electronics and embedded system  engineering, hardware/software design and software engineering.

System Engineering

System engineering activities include requirements management, system development and model-based system engineering (MBSE). Our engineers identify, analyze, document, and review requirements for system performance specifications, risks and interface control documents (ICDs).


MSRC utilizes SolidWorks Simulation and ANSYS Mechanical to perform finite element analysis-based thermal, structural, vibration, frequency, fatigue, and (linear and non-linear) stress analysis of motor designs. MSRC utilizes the JANNAF standard Solid Performance Program 2012 (SPP’12) to conduct detailed motor ballistic performance analysis. SPP’12 provides for the modeling of ignition transients and the precision modeling of single or dual propellant motor concepts, including the application of inhibited surfaces to achieve targeted chamber pressure and/or thrust profiles.

SPP’12 provides both a two-dimensional method of characteristics solution with fully coupled two-phase flow losses and a parabolized navier-stokes solution with fully coupled finite rate kinetics, turbulence models and coupled two-phase flow, as well as a navier-stokes chamber and transonic flow field solution with fully coupled finite rate kinetics and two-phase flow model. SPP’12 analysis accounts for nozzle losses, including two-phase flow, divergence, boundary layer and chemical kinetics.

Test Integration and Demonstration

Monte Sano Research provides expertise in system integration and experimental testing in support of new weapon system technologies and concepts. Our engineers also design and develop custom electronics and embedded software systems as part of and in support of testing our customers’ weapon concept programs. Our Monte Sano Research team builds instrumentation trailers and mission trailers to support test events and demonstrations at various test ranges and to collect data for follow-on data deduction and analysis. Monte Sano Research’s test team coordinates with various test ranges and develops schedules and test plans for test events and demonstrations in support of our customers’ concept technology requirements.

Concept Design and Development

Monte Sano Research utilizes SolidWorks and other 3D CAD tools to designed detail 3D models of future weapon concept systems including component-level and assembly-level material. These concept-level designs are at the initial stages of system design and are geared for developmental technical data packages (TDP) to be provided to the industry for product level TDPs.